Claims Policy

Below are the procedures, sequencing and limits regarding Valencia Hardwoods claims handling process. These procedures apply to all Valencia products covered by our warranty.

  • All claim forms are to be sent directly to Valencia Hardwoods for analysis of the complaint -All claim forms are to be filled out completely with full documentation and attention to detail.
  • Any denied claim should be turned down in writing to the distributor / retailer by Valencia
  • Any customer who contacts Valencia will be directed to his/her retailer.
  • In the event that the retailer is out of business or not responsive, Valencia will send a letter and an information sheet to be filled out.
  • If an independent inspections is requested:
  • The consumer, retailer, distributor of Valencia Hardwoods can arrange for a private inspector
  • If the product has a manufacturing defect Valencia Hardwoods will pay for the inspector
  • If the product is found to be free of manufacturer defects or unverifiable defects, Valencia Hardwoods is not responsible for the inspection fee.
  • Prior to the inspection all parties involved must agree to abide by the findings of the inspector 
  • Upon receipt, all properly completed claims will be processed within 10 working days. (This does not apply if inspection has to take place, need for additional information, testing of products or requests for re-review) 


Claims Guidelines

In order to process a claim Valencia Hardwoods must receive the following: -completed Valencia Hardwoods Claim Form -the Valencia Hardwoods invoice that pertains to product in question - Samples, pictures, video, etc -Detailed labor bills (See price guidelines)



Valencia Hardwoods will not be responsible for damage caused by shipping. Damage caused by shipping is the responsibility of the shipping company.

Valencia Hardwoods will not be responsible for improper installations

Valencia Hardwoods is not responsible for incorrect maintenance, accidents, scratching, or dents caused by dropped objects, etc.

Valencia Hardwoods is not responsible for color change in the floor due to ultraviolet light.

For visual manufacturing defects, Valencia Hardwoods, will be responsible for material costs and up to 150 sq. ft of labor only. It is the responsibility of the retailer to inspect any questionable material. If there is any doubt about the quality, do not install it.

Any cash settlements will be accompanied by a waiver signed by all parties. Cash settlements exclude any further warranties on the floor in question. If Valencia Hardwoods makes a decision to give a customer their money back: Valencia Hardwoods will credit the distributor the cost of the material in question, and labor if approved; the distributor will credit the retailer their cost on the material; the retailer will credit the consumer their cost of the material. (All parties give up profit on the sale)

Any party that commits to floor repair/replacement without consent of Valencia Hardwoods may be required to be responsible for the job. An unauthorized floor replacement or repair does not place any burden on the manufacturer.


Field Claims Procedures

1. The retailer must be the first to look at a consumer complaint

2. If the retailer feels the complaint is valid and should be filed under the flooring warranty, the retailer must then contact the distributor representative.

3. If the distributor concludes that the complaint is valid (not a locally caused condition) and covered under Valencia Hardwoods, mail a completed claim form to the address listed below, and include all samples, pictures, invoices, and labor bills. (Note claim number on all claims supported material)

Valencia Hardwoods
901 S, Mopac Expwy
Building 5, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78746

4. If the distributor representative denies the claim and an independent inspector is requested, the retailer must contact and pay the independent inspector. If the independent inspector finds the problem is directly related to a manufacturing defect, Valencia will credit the cost of the inspection to the distributor. Prior to inspection, all parties must agree to abide by the findings of the independent inspector.

5. Inspection procedures

  • The retailer and distributor representative must be present for the inspection. The distributor representative should never inspect a complaint unaccompanied by the retailer.
  • Inspection should be set during normal business hours if possible.
  • Schedule the inspection within two weeks.
  • Take adequate time and all needed measurements and reading to document your findings. Ask the consumer to show you the areas of concern. Do not point out what you observe to be the problem. Note items such as pets, room location, maintenance, moisture problems, landscaping, furniture protectors, installation, etc. that may relate to the complaint.
  • Make note of run dates or manufacturer numbers. These numbers are found on the ends of cartons.
  • Samples need to accompany all claims. Do not remove samples yourself, but make note and have the contractor remove the samples for you, for testing or evidence of complaint. (Photos and video are also great evidence) The samples allow a view of the perimeters and what may be taking place within the home or jobsite. Take photographs of all measurements, and moisture reading taken. - Never discuss the complaint in front of the consumer. Ask questions and gather information. Inform the customer, professionally and courteously that you will respond to the retailer in writing with your findings.
  • Never discuss installation problems with the consumer unless they installed the floor. Discussions about installation should be between you and the installer /retailer.
  • If a complaint is rejected, a rejection letter will be sent to the distributor to forward to the retailer within 10 business days after all information has been reviewed.
  • The retailer should resolve all claims that are maintenance or installations related (A claim should always be filed, no matter what the outcome)


Please submit all claim forms to or call us with any additional questions at 1-800-369-9303.


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