Warranty Information

Lifetime Structural Warranty

Subject to the conditions and exclusions set out below, Valencia Hardwoods offers you the following Lifetime Structural Warranty.  Valencia Hardwoods warrants that, under normal residential conditions and with proper installation and maintenance, our products will be free of structural defects such as delamination, twisting, and deformation, or Valencia Hardwoods shall provide replacement product. This warranty does not cover surface wear. 


25 Year Warranty on Wear Layer

Subject to the conditions and exclusions set out below, Valencia Hardwoods offers you the following 25 year warranty on timber face wear layer. Valencia Hardwoods warrants that, under normal residential conditions and with proper installation and maintenance, our Robust Lacquer coating system will not wear through within 25 years from the date of purchase, or Valencia Hardwoods shall provide replacement product. Gloss reduction and scratches are not considered wear through and are therefore not covered by this warranty. Please note: Our UV Oiled Finish system is not covered under this warranty. It is mandatory that you properly maintain our flooring products as you would with any other regular oil finishing product available in the market. It requires regular refinishing at stipulated times according to the Valencia Hardwoods installation instructions or as and when the UV Oil finished surface becomes dull and faded. 

These warranties are offered under the following conditions:

Installation – Valencia Hardwoods is to be installed in strict accordance with the then-current written installation instructions of Valencia Hardwoods. 

Wet Areas – Valencia Hardwoods products may not be installed in bathrooms, saunas, laundries, or any other area in which high levels of steam and/or moisture may be present. 

Maintenance – Valencia Hardwoods products should be maintained in strict accordance with our current written maintenance instructions. Use of cleaning agents such as oils, ammonia-based cleaning liquids, steam mops, etc., will void all warranties. 


Limited warranty

The structural and wear warranties for Valencia Hardwoods as stated above are limited to the original purchaser and may not be assigned or transferred. In the case where a builder makes the purchase, this warranty is limited to the owner of the floor only for one year after practical completion of works. 

Structural and wear warranties are subject to the condition that the flooring is suitable only for indoor areas and is to be installed and used in accordance with Valencia Hardwoods’ installation and maintenance instructions.

Exclusions to Warranty

The following are excluded from these warranties.

Color Variation

Timber is a natural product and color variation will occur. Samples, pictures, and brochures displayed and or provided are indicative only and will not match the floor installed. Other variations will also occur such as small knots, grain variations, gum/sap marks and mineral marks. All variations are normal and not considered defects and therefore do not form part of these warranties. 

Improper installation

Valencia Hardwoods products are to be installed in strict accordance with the current written installation instructions. Improper installations shall void all warranties. It is the sole responsibility of the installer not to install any material thought to be defective. No claim shall be entertained for any installed product that has visible defects or damage prior to installation of boards. We will not be responsible for damages due to poor installation, transportation, or storage. All products must be stored indoors at room temperature and protected from the elements. 

Subfloor Heating

Valencia Hardwoods will provide no warranty if subfloor heating is used, unless all the conditions as stipulated below in the Company’s special requirements for UNDERFLOOR HEATING are observed and implemented. 

Improper maintenance

Valencia Hardwoods products should be maintained in strict accordance with the Valencia Hardwoods maintenance instructions. Use of unauthorized cleaning products and agents such as oils, ammonia-based cleaning liquids, steam mops etc., will void all warranties. 

Extreme Conditions

The humidity level in the home must be in the 30-65% range throughout the year using humidifiers or de-humidifiers when appropriate. Floors subjected to humidity levels outside the recommended range can cause checking (small cracks in the surface of the timber and or coating). Checking is not considered a product defect and is not covered by the warranties. 

Abuse or Misuse

These warranties do not cover indentations, scratch damage caused by negligence, or damage caused by high-heel shoes, furniture or equipment, pet claws, pebbles, or sand. 

Water Damage

These warranties do not cover damage caused by moisture penetration through the subfloor, flooding, leaking in plumbing, overflowing hydrostatic pressure, or other similar water damage. 

Alterations or Repairs

Alterations to the flooring will void any and all warranties. No warranty is provided to cover repairs. Resurfacing and repairs or replacements shall not extend the warranty period. 


If Valencia Hardwoods chooses to replace or reinstall warranted planks, the following applies. Unless expressly provided in the warranty description herein, Valencia Hardwoods is not obligated to provide for, or to incur the costs of, repair or reinstalling defective flooring, or resurfacing or refinishing the replaced surrounding flooring. An obligation to replace or repair does not extend to any sub flooring material, adhesives, supplies, or other items consumed in the course of removal, installation, or refinishing. 

Insect Infestation

These warranties do not cover any insect infestation once the product has left Valencia Hardwood’s warehouse.  The product leaves the warehouse free of insect infestation. 

Additional Liability Limitations

Valencia Hardwoods flooring is intended for use only in indoor residential settings with light to normal traffic conditions. This statement of warranty is the only warranty, expressed, or implied provided, by Valencia Hardwoods for this product. 

This warranty does not apply to any products designated or sold as B Grade, which is sold “as is” with no warranty whatsoever. 

Except as stated herein, no other warranty, expressed or implied, is provided, including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. No retailer, installer, dealer, distributor, agent or employee has authority to increase the scope or alter the terms or coverage of this warranty. No Agreement to repair or replace shall in any event act to extend the period of coverage of any warranty period. 

Except for the warranty provided herein, under no circumstances shall Valencia Hardwoods be liable or in any manner responsible for any claim, loss, or damage arising from the purchase, use, or inability to use its products, or from a special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost profits, emotional, multiple, punitive or exemplary damages or attorneys’ fees, even if Valencia Hardwoods or its representatives have been advised of the possibility of such damages before the sale. 

In no event shall Valencia Hardwoods be obliged to cover the costs of old or new materials other than Valencia Hardwoods brand product, and any warranty thereto is limited to the warranty, if any, provided by us. In no event shall the liability of Valencia Hardwoods extent beyond the obligation to provide replacement product for any Valencia Hardwoods product shown to be defective and covered within the scope of this warranty. Any claim for warranty coverage must be made within one year of the date upon which the defect first became known or first should have been discovered. 

All claims must be made in writing, and must include evidence of the purchase date and the identity of the original purchaser and installation location; without such proof, no warranty coverage will apply. 

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights, which vary, from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or incidental, consequential, emotional distress or punitive damages, and in such events, the exclusion or limitations set forth above shall be deemed altered to the least extent possible to be enforceable. Accordingly, some of the above limitations may not apply to you. To obtain services under these warranties, start with the source where you have purchased your flooring.